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Youth FootballFootball Players & Cheerleaders

Founded in 1979, the association provides an outstanding program for football players and cheerleaders ages 5 to 13. PHWFA is a member of the the Chicagoland Youth Football League (TCYFL).  Practice usually begins the first week of August with the first game of the season on or before Labor Day weekend.

Mount Prospect Youth Football

Registration for the Fall Football Season is Open. MP Football offers options for players age 5-14

MP Tackle:

Our tackle program competes in the TCYFL League. Teams are divided by age/weight. MP Football is committed to making the game safer. We have some major proactive safety purchases including the Shadowman Tackling Trainers (Link to Additional Information) and the Protech Helmet Add-on.

Protech Helmet Add-on-

PENN STATE STUDY: & ProTech Mission:

MP Flag:

Our flag program is a house league that has competes on Sundays at Melas park. In addition, teams will be scheduled for at least one night game under the lights. It is important to know that our commitment to safety in the sport is not only reserved for tackle, but extends to our flag program. Last year we added soft shell helmets (Link to Additional Info) to minimize potential for injuries from incidental contact, and this year we amended our rules to limit physical contact and eliminate overly aggressive play.

MP Youth Football - Proactive to Make Football Safer

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